In order to complete their studies, students must write a Thesis and defend it. The Thesis is awarded with 8 or 12 credits on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

 1. Thesis Description

The Thesis should contain original work solely developed by its author. The purpose of the Thesis is to evaluate the students’ analytical and methodological skills and familiarize them with its subject. The topic of the Thesis must be relevant to the scientific fields covered by the current departmental curriculum. It must be at least 70 pages long. The main parts of the Thesis (i.e., prologue, introduction, main body, conclusions) must be at least 50 pages long, while the rest of the pages should cover the table of contents, index, bibliography and appendixes. Programming code should be part of an appendix.

2. Topic Selection and Supervision

The topic of the Thesis topic is proposed by the student in collaboration with a member of the faculty/teaching staff that serves as the Thesis Supervisor. The Supervisor is responsible for approving the topic and guiding the student through the completion of the Thesis. A Committee comprising the Supervisor and two more members of the teaching staff/faculty must be then established. All Thesis Committees must include at least one faculty member.

Each member of the teaching staff may not accept the supervision of more than four (4) new Theses per academic year.

3. Procedure

Students may start working on their Thesis at the start of the 7th semester. The student must submit to the Secretariat the following: a) the Thesis topic b) the Supervisor’s name c) the names of the two other members of the Thesis Committee, which is approved from the Department’s General Assembly. Applications are submitted from 1/10 to 15/11 every year. No application will be accepted after this deadline.

The Thesis topic can be changed at the student’s request and the approval of the Supervisor. An application should be submitted to the Secretariat; the change must then be approved by the Department’s General Assembly. The Supervisor can be substituted at the student’s request, requiring serious justification for this demand. An application should be submitted to the Secretariat; the substitution must be approved by Department’s General Assembly. After the Supervisor’s substitution, the student is required to repeat the application procedure for a Thesis topic the next academic year.

The Student and the Supervisor ought to meet often. During their first meetings, they must conclude on the Thesis content and methodology; the student should also prepare a plan on the structure of the Thesis.

In the following meetings, students report on their progress. The Supervisor’s role is to provide general guidelines, make suggestions and pinpoint potential weaknesses. When the Thesis is completed, the student submits a draft to the Supervisor, who reads it and suggests improvements. Based on the Supervisor’s comments and suggestions the students prepare the final form.

When the Supervisor thinks that the goals of the Thesis have been met, he grants the student permission to defend his Thesis. Otherwise, the student must improve on his/her work and resubmit the Thesis to the Supervisor. When the Thesis is approved, the student must issue a copy to each member of his/her Thesis Committee.

4. Thesis Structure

The Thesis must be printed in A4 paper size. Each printed page must contain approximately 500 words or 3000 characters (an example of Thesis format can be found attached at the bottom of this page). The Thesis body should be around 25,000 words or 150,000 characters long. The exact Thesis structure should be as follows: (i) blank page, (ii) title page, (iii) prologue, (iv) introduction, (v) main body, (vi) conclusions, (vii) appendices (optional), (viii) bibliography, (ix) indexes (optional), (x) table of contents, (xi) blank page. The Thesis must be submitted in electronic form, giving in both the source code (word document, latex files) and its final form (e.g., .pdf or .ps file). Any programming code that was developed along with the Thesis must also be submitted.

5. Thesis Defense

With the approval of the Supervisor, the student must defend the Thesis in front of the Thesis Committee. Students must present their work and answer questions. The date of the defense should preferably be placed during the examination period or the month prior to it. Each member of the Committee awards a grade; the average of the three grades is immediately announced to the student and notified on paper to the Secretariat. Students must submit an application to the Secretariat along with a certificate that a copy of the Thesis, signed by the Thesis Committee, is delivered to the Library. The Library maintains indexed records of authors and Thesis topics. Theses are not available for borrowing but can be read inside the library. Copies of a Thesis in whole or in part can be made only with the written authorization of the author.