S.M.ART.BUIL.T - Structural Monitoring of. ARTistic and historical BUILding Testimonies

smartbuiltS.M.ART.BUIL.T - Structural Monitoring of ARTistic and historical BUILding Testimonies

Project description:

Architectural heritage is an important part of the history and identity of Italy and Greece, contributing to their economy and well being. On the other side, ancient buildings suffer a high vulnerability to dynamic loads, which may induce an unpredictable partial or total collapse. Recent past experience after L’Aquila earthquake strongly evidence this problem. The core idea of  the “S.M.ART. BUIL.T.” is risks prevention, which concerns not only the prevention of loss of lives and property but also the preservation of artistic and historical buildings from natural hazards.

The main objectives are the implementation of procedures for the structural monitoring, the seismic vulnerability assessment, the development of guidelines for strengthening and repair of the historical buildings (in Trani and Corfu). The two historic centers are made up of many ancient and brittle masonry buildings, mostly built with local stone, representative of a widespread typology in the Mediterranean area.

The project aims at providing to technical officials of the territorial authorities of Puglia and Ionian Islands Regions some indispensable training tools for the development and/or validation of structural restoration projects and seismic rehabilitation of historical buildings.

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