Intensive course within the framework of the DAAD- Project “Centre of Excellence for Applications of Mathematics”


“GEONEXT - educational platforms for teaching and learning mathematics”

GEONEXT is a very flexible software system that is successfully used in the secondary school and university education, both by teachers and students. It has been developed in the last 15 years in the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Points to be emphasized

  • dynamic mathematics software in general
  • GEONExT in particular
  • fields of deployment: geometry, calculus, algebra
  • dynamic worksheets and learning environments
  • learning theoretical background and pedagogical models
  • practice at school

Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples, e.g.

  • applets
  • learning environments
  • descriptions of teaching sequences
  • topics for learning units


  • skills in using GEONExT
  • knowledge about usage in teaching and learning (e.g. learning environments)
  • localized learning environments and (introductory) texts and manuals