Archimedes III - National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013 Duration: 01/2012-12/2014

Project Goal

PromO(nto)tion proposes the development of a semantic thesaurus of concepts that are related to the content and other metadata of ad videos. Ad designers will be able to utilize the thesaurus as a support tool and as a brainstorming kit for creating novel spots, by taking into account previous spots of related products as well as their evaluation feedback by the consumers themselves.

Project Description

This project is interdisciplinary, as its scientific tasks and interests stand at the borderline between several areas, namely marketing, ad design and consumer behavior study, software engineering, game development and interface design, ontology engineering and semantic representation.

For creating the tool, PromO(nto)tion will make use of novel game development technologies. A user-friendly entertaining video game will be designed, and users will be asked to indirectly (by playing the game) answer questions and quizzes regarding the content and other metadata of ad videos that are available online. Competing against other players and against time, the player will provide, through his answers, a set of terms that describe (annotate) the ad video displayed in the game, as well as his personal opinion on the ad video.

With the help of an ontology development platform, the collected concepts will then be organized into a hierarchical structure (ontology), and they will be assigned semantic features, forming a semantic thesaurus that will link terms and concepts via semantic relations and at the same time contain statistical data regarding the terms (e.g. frequency of use, evaluation statistics etc). Finally, an online user-friendly interface will provide access to the tool to any ad designer, anywhere, anytime.

Project Partners

  • ATEI of Thessaloniki, Department of Marketing
  • Ionian University, Department of Informatics
  • University of the Aegean, Department of Information & Communications Systems Engineering

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